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2023 Year in Review

Happy New Year! As we reflect on 2023, it really was quite the year. A year full of promise and it did not disappoint. A sincere thanks, for the opportunities we grasped and the people who’ve made the journey with us. seven iron worked tirelessly, beavering away across counties, time zones, home simulators and a matrix of hard drives. Our international film making offering particularly in the US grew from strength-to-strength. 2023 had it all. Presenting, our 2023 highlights...

Florida Five transported state side through magic blue door 

We made a brand campaign for NBC GolfPass featuring Rory McIlroy. The Worlds Most Remarkable Golf Club. 6x TV ads and lots of social media. To view the work click here.

Cutdown trailer (5mins)

Andy tied the knot 

Congratulations to Andy, who managed to schedule his wedding in-between shoots minutes before his 40th. Well played.

Monks Wedding - Lucy and Andy-318.jpg

We said hello to an old friend

We were delighted to expand our management team, welcoming Tom Bazeley appointed as Business Director.


New client signed with big plans for 2024

We shot a brand campaign for Hole 19 (leading golf life app). The campaign ran on Sky Digital, Youtube and Social featuring Christopher Ashman. Not once did we catch him out of breath.

Ryder Cup: some drove the fairway others sliced into the bushes

We caught the sun in Rome, experienced unbelievable scenes and reported live on brand activity. Read the article here.


High drama during the shoot-out on the final day

Speaking of unbelievable scenes. Our documentary style highlights show for The Clutch aired on Sky Sports Golf during November and was repeated over Christmas. We followed three prospects as they prepared for the Tour climax at Royal Norwich. Ah ha!