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below is a small selection of work each of us have created over our previous careers 

this is a trailer to a documentary we made for Lexus airing on Amazon Prime and Sky Arts

and this is the full documentary (60mins)

this is the 2020 Christmas TV ad for Argos

these are five 30 second TV ads to promote the Lexus Hybrid range

this is the 2019 Christmas ad for Argos

this is the world's longest ad (14hrs 40m) for Emirates non-stop flight to Sao Paulo (14hrs 40m)

this is the first TV advert to be written by A.I and directed by a human

this is a short Lexus showreel highlighting some of the others ads and content we made

this is an short film for Unilever's project Sunshine

this is a TV ad for Philips OneBlade

this is an overview film telling the story of campaign we did for Samsung back in 2008

this was a made up idea that ended up getting over 250 million views

this is a bit of showing off - when a digital agency Dave co-founded won agency of the year at Cannes in 2008

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